Popular Instagram Model MISS TWERKSOM'S Boyfriend DUMPS Her . . . On TWITTER . . . In Front Of Her MILLIONS OF FOLLOWERS!! (Is He A COLD BLOODED PIMP . . . Or A F**K BOY . . . For Doing Her Like That)


Two days ago, the popular dancer/instagram model Miss Twerksum and her boyfriend BROKE UP. But it wasn't just a regular old break up - dude went N ON HER, on Twitter.

Her then boyfriend Jay got in his FEELINGS over something that she did, and decided to EMBARRASS her. So Jay posted a bunch of Tweets about how "ugly" she is (which is CLEARLY not true).

Then after he was done Tweeting, hetook a videoof him breaking up with her, and insulting the poor girl. He posted the video on Twitter with some more MEAN captions.

What kind of man does this?

And look at his MEAN comments.