A popular Instagram model named Aliyah is going viral this morning. MTO News has learned that the pretty young woman deleted her page, and created a new "private" page after many of her fans learned her secret - that she's a transgender.

Aliyah has millions of fans and followers across social media, most of them are men who had no idea that she's a trans-person.

A few weeks ago, Aliyah's secret came out - when a disgruntled ex-boyfriend spilled the tea on the Instagram model's transgender status. Shortly after Aliyah's trans status was revealed, her page was mysteriously deleted from Instagram.

Aliyah created a new page, but this one was private - and for members only.

According to some of her fans - she deleted her IG page - and removed all pics where she looked even slightly muscular, and then re-upped it. They suspect that Aliyah is trying to hide her trans status again.

Aaliyah's IG bio now reads “deleted at 600k”. 

Here are the before and after pics of Aliyah:


And here's her page, along with people suggesting that Aliyah is trying to hide her trans status: