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Popular Instagram Model CONFESSES . . . Explains How She REALLY MAKES HER MONEY!!


A popular Instagram model just confessed, what you REALLY have to do to make a living being an Instagram model." the model, who asked to remain anonymous has more than 100K followers on Instgram and claims to have been modeling since the age of 16.

The model does commercial, fashion and editorial shoots (mostly commercial). She recently met up with some friends from high school and they couldn't get enough of some of her stories.

So she decided to publish her confessions on Reddit

Here's what she wrote:

Confession 1: One of the open secrets about  Instagram is that rich men use it as a catalog. On 4 separate occasions with 3 different men, I was flown all expenses paid, put up with a 5+ star hotel, and compensated between $5000 and $10000 a night to hang out with a millionaire/billionaire whose found me on IG. I've discussed with other IG models and they've all been approached. 2 of these occasions I was flown to UAE, one to southern Italy, and once to Costa Rica. On one trip to UAE, my host took me to a party and I ran into 4 or 5 other models all doing the same thing.Confession 2: If you're a straight male model and we do a romantic shoot together, there is like a 95% chance I will end up fuc*ing you. There is like a 25% chance I will be satisfied after fuc*ing you. Male models are great to look at and a lot are very charming but they are so s3xually entitled that most make minimal effort to please their partner.Confession 3: If you're a gay male model and we do a romantic shoot, there is a 95% chance I will end up fuc*ing one of my ex-boyfriends, FWBs or if they aren't available, whatever lucky schmo is in the hotel bar. I was recently on a shoot like this in a part of the world where I don't know many people so I ended up looking for someone at the bar. I found some 30-ish year old guy who was pretty cute-ish. I get him to take me to his room. He ends up fuc*ing me like I am made of glass. I tell him he can be a bit rougher but he doesn't take the hint. I tell him to be rougher and pull my hair and he gives a quick tug and that's it. I tell him he has a big co*k and I need it harder and he starts to give it to me good enough. Then when I am like 80% of the way to an orgasm (the finish line is in sight), he cu*s and pulls out. That's a average hook up for me.Confession 4: About 10% of photographers and casting directors are exactly as slimy as you would expect. When I was starting out (maybe 18 years old), I was doing a shoot for an article on skin care for a teen magazine. It involved making a lot of goofy faces while have creams/moisturizers/masks/cleaning strips on my face. At the end, the photog (who is like a 50 year old dude) straight up tells me how hard he got from seeing me with cream on my face. He asked me to go to his studio to discuss my career. About an hour later, I had his cream on my face and a verbal deal for my first fashion editorial.