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An Instagram model is being accused of shooting and killing her boyfriend after shooting him 15 times during an argument. 

Karina Vanessa Corbalan, 23, was charged with the murder of her 28 year old boyfriend Alejandro Sanchez, 28. The details surrounding the crime, and Karina's social media popularity, is making this murder national news.


According to police in Hialeah, Florida, they responded to a call of shots fired - and were led to a Florida home. Police say when they went inside the home they saw Karina kneeling over her boyfriend’s body.

Police said she told officers that she had shot her boyfriend, after the two argued. Authorities said Alejandro had been shot at least 15 times, including in the chest.  He was airlifted to the trauma center, where he died.

Karina was later interrogated by the police, and allegedly told a detective that she shot her boyfriend about five times over an argument they had earlier that morning regarding their relationship.

She was arrested early Tuesday on a second-degree murder charge and is being held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center without bond.

This crime is garnering national attention, because Karina was a popular social media star. She had thousands of followers, who frequently "liked" pictures of Karina in a bikini or other revealing outfits.

Here are some pics and videos of Karina, taken from her page: