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Popular Florida Rappers Are ARRESTED . . . Charged With ROBBING AND KILLING Drug Dealer . . . Then Using THE STOLEN MONEY . . . In A MUSIC VIDEO!!!

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Three popular local Florida rappers are under arrest, and charged with CAPITAL MURDER Police claim that they murdered a man for $300, so they could flash it at a performance inside a Tampa nightclub. The performance was taped into a "music video" which was posted on Facebook.

The three rapper - WAXX (Joseph Edward Brandon), Killa (Jonathan Felix), and DK (Dylan Kindred) owere arrested Saturday during an investigation into the murder of Tyler Macklin. According to authorities, the three rappers robbed and killed Tyler so that they could use his money as a PROP at a their rap show at Club Skye. The rappers allegedly wanted to appear richer than they really were.

Here is how it's being reported on The Daily Beast:

Kindred was Facebook friends with Macklin, a small-time drug dealer, and it was his idea to rob him, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said during a press conference on Monday. “An easy lick,” is how Kindred described it, according to Judd.

Brandon and Felix allegedly walked into Macklin’s house last Wednesday while Kindred waited outside in a car, according to Judd. He heard the door go down, and then a gunshot, before the two other men came back to the car.

Murder was apparently too much for Kindred though, who turned himself into police and gave up the alleged killers. The 20-year-old confessed that he, Brandon, and Felix drove to Macklin’s home to rob him and that Brandon was armed with a handgun.

If convicted, all three men face the Death Penalty.