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Popular Fitness and Instagram Model . . . . Gets Her Silicone Butt Injections Removed . . . Yikes That Looks PAINFUL!!!


A popular Instagram starlet decided to go BACK TO BEING NATURAL – and get all the Silicone REMOVED FROM HER BUTT.

The woman, who goes by the name @getbodiedbyj, underwent DOZENS of silicone shots to her buttocks.

But she decided to give up her BIG BUTT and shared pictures of her silicone butt implant removal, with the following caption:

1 Day Post REMOVAL of silicone, YES they CUT it out & suggesting reconstructive surgery because the silicone was embedded within my skin, fat, muscle & tissue all the good stuff that I NEED, right now IDK if I want to go through this again. SO I’m just focusing on healing! PSA🗣I don’t post pics for pity or sympathy I post to EDUCATE! So if you can’t appreciate that & want to be negative while I’m trying to spread positivity & LIGHT just UNFOLLOW because No one has time for ignorance✌🏽 I have my journey highlighted on my page under Butt shots because people are asking me the same questions over & over #myselflovejourney #NEGATIVITYWILLBEBLOCKED

In the picture, @getbodiedbyj lays on her side, hooked up to hospital machines, covering her face with her tatted hand.

The wife and mother also shared the second image, giving us a birds-eye view of her now deflated buttocks, as she lays on her stomach. In the post, she claims that she wants to be healthy and prays that she doesn't have any necrotic tissue that will need to be cut out.

The fitness model also claims that she will not will most likely not be able to make any work out videos for anything, from four months right up to a year!

Here’s what she looked like BEFORE:

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Here is the link to a GRAPHIC pic

And here's what she looks like now: