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There is some explosive tea circulating online about a popular athlete and his wife. 

On the outside, they seem like a very nice Christian family. But according to the rumor mill, he cheats on her.

And the rumor mill says that the athlete's prim and proper wife has anger issues - and she abuses her athlete husband.

Here's the tea:

It's an open secret in  [their city] that [Athlete] cheats on [Athlete's wife]. 

People know but they don't say anything or care enough to because of his image and what that brings to that area. He has been cheating on her throughout their marriage and prior to them getting married in the first place.

[Athlete's wife] was his parents choice, not [Athlete's]. They wanted a meek, good Christian girl for their son and she fit the bill. It's not true that he fell head over heels for [Athlete's wife].

That is well crafted story put on by his parents and their PR team. He was pressured to propose to her at such a young age because you know how Christians can be very obsessive in regard to marriage.

He was cheating on her then to the present day. The life he lives isn't the life he wants, nor did he choose it.

He initially wanted to be a [different athlete] but his dad shut that down. He's great at [sport he plays] but it wasn't what he actually wanted to do.

I don't condone cheating but the more information I found out about him, the more I understand why he does it.

Part of it is because of peer pressure from guys in [his sport] but another part of it is for his personal freedom.

[Athlete's wife] is a handful and she hounds his every move. She knows he cheats but she has so much to lose because without him.

She's even gotten physically abusive with him at times, I've seen pictures.

He's quite annoyed with her and last year, he was seen at a divorce lawyer's office.