Popular BALTIMORE Rapper Gets ROBBED . . . THIEVES Pose On Instagram With His Jewelry!!

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One of the members of a popular Baltimore rapper trio was robbed at gunpoint - and the thieves are now SNITCHING ON THEMSELVES - by posting a video online with them holding the chain.

The rap group called, Peso De Mafia, has been blowing up recently on Soundcloud and social media. They have a strong following in their home town of Baltimore.

And Peso's success attracted the wolves.

The goons allegedly caught one of the members of Peso LACKIN' in his hood - and pulled up on him with a bunch of guns. According to the streets, they put GUNS in his face, and took his money, phone and jewelry.

Then, the thieves, or those affiliated with them - posted the below video BRAGGING about the robbery.

Here is a video of the goons stunting with the jewels

Here is a video from Peso:

The group—comprised of brothers Shordie Shordie and Lor Dee, and their first cousin, Purp—scored a hit song with 2017's "Money Man," a sparse, fun track dedicated to collecting cash by any means necessary.

They told XXL magazine back in March:

“We starting to change the kids’ minds," says Lor Dee of their breakout hit and its video, which has clocked more than 3.5 million views on YouTube. "The kids starting to want to drip flavor and get a little bit of money—they out here wantin' to pump gas, wipe windshields, anything. Anything to get money. Everybody wanna feel like ‘Money Man’ now."

In 2018, Peso Da Mafia is determined to change their own reality in a drastic way. After performing at SXSW later this month, the group plans to drop its Never a Drought EP—its singles “Winning” and “About Us” have been steadily rising in popularity. “This our official start right here," Purp says. "Once the EP drops, it’s go time.”