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Popular Atlanta Rapper Who Is ENGAGED . . . Is SECRETLY BI . . . Allegedly MURDERED His Gay Lover!!! (Here's The TEA)

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There is an EXTREMELY JUICY rumor making its rounds on the Internet. We heard that a VERY popular rapper used to be gay, or bisexual. And according to the rumor - when he BLEW UP, his ex was going to go public.

So the rapper got some goons to MURDER his ex-lover. We got the whole story below and it's JUICY. Sit back, drink some BACARDI and enjoy. . .

Here's what is being said:

I lived in Gwinnett County for awhile and they would always be in my neighborhood, it was this gay guy named Devin (R.I.P) that I was friends with and [Rapper] and him would mess around,

One day I was at Devin's house and heard moaning, thumping, etc etc, then 10 mins later out comes [Rapper] with his shirt off, he just looked at me grabbed a little carton of orange juice out of Devins fridge and walked out. 

The next day we were all outside and Devin was teasing him because [Rapper] kept saying homophobic things to him and devin said "you weren't saying that when I f*cked you last night" and [Rapper] just ran up to him and punched him on his butt, so hard to the point that he said it felt like his bone was broken.

[Rapper's Group] aren't "thugs" at all, at least they weren't when I used to be around them, they had a guy named [removed] in their little crew that was also gay but DL, and he would do all the shooting and etc for them, he shot up a party and shot up this store called the A1 market, he's in prison now for something to do with gangs.

 They would be in my neighborhood 24/7, [Rapper] would be doing that dance "The Jerk" and all that other stupid stuff with [removed], I think they still have jerking videos up on YouTube,

I hope I can find it. Crazy part is, Devin died a while ago when he was going to tell everybody about [Rapper], he got shot at a party and burnt up in his car.

God rest his soul. Anyway, that's all the tea I have.