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A popular rapper signed to the 300 Entertainment label was shot and killed last night, in his home town of Annapolis, Maryland last night.

Police say that they received shots fired 9-1-1 call, and responded immediately. When they arrived on the scene on Saturday, police reportedly found a single vehicle that had crashed. Inside that vehicle was the dead body of Edward Montre Seay, 32, of Chester.

Seay was a lifetime city resident and graduated from Annapolis High School in 2005. He made a name for himself by making music.

According to police, Edward died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Edward is a buzzing young rapper who goes by the stage name Tre Da Kid. Tre Da Kid gained national attention in 2016 after winning Verizon's #Freestyle50 rap contest.

According to Verizon's website, he won $10,000 and a deal with a hip-hop label 300 Entertainment. 

"Tre impressed the judges with his delivery, showmanship and off-the-dome creativity," Kevin Liles, co-founder of 300 Entertainment, said at the time.

The single from his victory was called "Run It," and was released in 2017."This is seriously a dream come true," he told Verizon at the time. Verizon said Seay started rapping at age 6, and was also a finalist in a BET freestyle competition in 2011.

This March, he released his album “TDK: Titles Define Kings.” His lyrics describe pain and heartbreak, but also what it’s like to preservere and defy the odds:

“I think about the days I could have died like 10 times.

“Only thing that saved me was rap, I had to spit rhymes,” he raps on the album’s title track.

Seay was scheduled to perform at The One Sports Bar & Lounge in Baltimore Friday night.

Right now police have no suspects in Tre Da Kid's murder. They ask that anyone with possible information in this crime, please contact the Annapolis police department.