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New York City rapper Pop Smoke was shot and killed inside a Hollywood mansion this week. After the 20 year old rapper died, his millions of fans took to social media, to offer their condolences to each other.

Now, after a few days, his female friends are coming out - to explain how much they loved Pop Smoke.

And there's a lot of them - at least four women have come out, claiming to be in love with the deceased rapper. And all claim that Pop Smoke loved them back.

We're sure he did . . . in his own way.

R.I.P. to Pop Smoke.

Here's one of his women Binchinx:


Heres; another one Amoyea:


Here's Samantha:


And another, Yummy:


According to TMZ:

As cops try to figure out who targeted Pop Smoke for death ... we know the rapper shut down one of his own performances just days before his murder out of concern there were gang members in the audience. 

Pop was scheduled to play the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn last Sunday night, but took to Instagram just before the show to cancel. Pop blamed it on cops, saying, "Unfortunately NYPD wouldn't let me perform."

Our law enforcement sources say it wasn't the NYPD that shut the show down ... they say the decision was made by Pop himself. The rapper was out on bail in a federal car theft case and was ordered to stay away from gang members, so cops say canceling the show was really self-preservation.