Rapper Pop Smoke hopped on social media seemingly to deny reports that his mother used her house as collateral so that he could post bond.

"N*GGAS SAID🗣I COULDNT PAY FOR MY BAIL😂 I TOLD EM💰BELIEVE NONE OF WHAT YOU HEAR👂🏾AND HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE 💫✅," he posted with pictures of him holding stacks of cash.

According to reports, Pop Smoke was arrested for stealing a Rolls Royce and transporting it across state lines. It's alleged that Pop Smoke borrowed the Rolls Royce for the filming of a music video in California and did not return it as promised to the owner. The car was later found in Brooklyn, New York parked outside his mother's home.

Pop Smoke was subsequently arrested and according to the news outlet, Queens Eagle, prosecutors requested $250,000 bond for the rapper, arguing that he was a flight risk who used multiple aliases. To meet the conditions of his bond, his attorney reportedly informed the courts that his mother had put up her home as collateral.

"Not to mention the alias he most commonly uses refers to leaving," Assistant U.S. Attorney Gillian Kassner said. Kassner also cited the rapper's alleged ties to a Brooklyn's 823 G Stone Crips and requested that he not have contact with known gang members or the owner of the Rolls Royce.