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Pop Singer HALSEY Proves To The World That She's BLACK . . . Shows Natural Hair!!


Halsey is one of the hottest pop acts today - and there have been rumors that she's a Black girl "passing" as White. Well Halsey put the rumors to bed - she's Black, but she's not "passing." Halsey has talken openly about being biracial (her father is Black).

And the pop singer took to social media to prove that she's a Black girl. She unveiled her "natural hair" to fans. And you can tell by the curl pattern, that she's Black.

And while you would think that her fans and others who saw the photo would praise her for her journey, that’s not what happened at all.


After she posted the natural hair photo, Halsey (real name Ashley Frangipane,) was met with a barrage of criticism from online trolls who made fun of her hair and said that it looked like a wig. 

According to a report from MadamNoire, "Before we expand on this further, it should be noted that when a black or biracial person doesn’t have a looser curl pattern to their natural hair, they are met with unwarranted criticism and side-eyes. In Halsey’s case, she appears to be proud of growing her hair out after wearing wigs for some time and the online haters took her joyous moment and reduced to something negative because her curl pattern isn’t one that they prefer.

In the past Halsey has referred to herself and "tri-bi" meaning she is bi-SEXUAL, bi-racial, and bi-polar.