Pop Singer Halsey REALLY IS A Black Girl . . . We Have PICS Of Her Parents!!!

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Halsey is one of the hottest pop singers in the world - and for years people have been wondering her ethnicity.

Last year Halsey got people thinking, when she referred to herself as a "Black girl." Well it turns out hat she wasn't LYING.

MTO News obtained pics of Halsey's parents. Her father is biracial (but definitely LOOKS Black) and her mom is White.

Of course Halsey admits that she is "white passing," but the facts are here she is actually black. In a Playboy interview she said, "I look like a white girl, but I don’t feel like one. I’m a black woman." She continued, "I’m white-passing. I’ve accepted that about myself and have never tried to control anything about black culture that’s not mine."

Here's pics of her parents, who are from Brooklyn NY.


Halsey notoriously claimed in the New York Times that she is a "tri-bi" meaning she is bisexual, bipolar, and biracial. 

The 23 year old pop star recently shared that she also suffers from endometriosis, an illness that affects over 176 million women worldwide. 

She said that:

“I’m 23 years old, and I’m going to freeze my eggs,” the singer shared on Thursday’s episode of “The Doctors.” “And when I tell people that, they’re like, ‘You’re 23, why do you need to do that? Why do you need to freeze your eggs?’ Doing an ovarian reserve is important to me because I’m fortunate enough to have that as an option, but I need to be aggressive about protecting my fertility, about protecting myself.”