POP SINGER BEEF!!! Pop Singer Bebe Rexha Claims Rihanna 'LIP SYNCED' On Eminem's 'Monster' . . . They Used BeBe's Voice Cause Rih . . . COULDN'T HIT THE NOTES!! (She's SNITCHING)


There's straight up BEEF in the world of pop singers. Budding pop star BeBe Rexha is calling out Rihanna - saying that Rih CAN'T SING.

According to BeBe - who is credited as being a 'WRITER' on the Rihanna hit song "Monster" - Rih LIP SYNCED part of the song. BeBe claims that Rih couldn't hit the high notes, and so the producers used BeBe's voice instead for part of the song.

During that parts where BeBe's voice is used, Rihanna LIP SYNCS the notes.

How do we know this? Well BeBe told a CROWD at an Augusta Pride concert yesterday.