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POOL PARTY SHOCK VIDEO!!! Elderly Woman CONFRONTS Neighbors Having An OUT OF CONTROL Pool Party . . . And She Gets ASSAULTED!! (Wow . . . That Was Very UNCALLED FOR)


A south Florida pool party nearly turned deadly yesterday - as a woman and her two dogs were assaulted and nearly DROWNED - when she tried to break up a High School pool party.

The party - which was being held by a group of promoters called the Block Boyz - was held at one of the teenagers residence - inside a private house just outside of Miami, Florida.

The woman - who is seen in the below video was dropped on her head - suffered serious head trauma. She was then almost DROWN - when she was tossed into the pool. Luckily confirmed that the woman managed to leave the residence - with her dogs - on her own, after the video cut off. also confirmed that the woman was later rushed to the hospital and is currently in STABLE condition. Police are still investigating the incident.

Throwing people into the pool was sort of a THEME to the party. Look at some video of other women getting thrown int the pool:

Here are some flyers from the event: