Love & Hip Hop star Pooh Hicks contacted the Fulton County police last week, and is pressing assault charges against reality co-star Karen King because of an incident that occurred during the filming of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion show.

On the last installment of the Love & Hip Hop reunion show, Karen attacked Pooh, after Pooh made a remark about Karli Redd and Karen's son Scrapp sleeping together.

That brutal attack - which we're told was much longer than what was aired on television - is considered a violent crime under Georgia law. It's especially bad since Karen is currently still on parole.

MTO News confirmed that the Fulton County police have opened a case against Karen - and that her arrest is "imminent."

Here's video of the assault that will likely land Karen behind bars:

Here's Pooh's official statement, sent out today:

“Everyone knows that Karlie and Scrap have had relations. I thought Karen and I were cool; we’ve never had a disagreement on anything before. When I lashed out at Karlie, it had nothing to do with Scrap or Karen—it was strictly towards Karlie, but as you know, everyone is trying to keep their pay check going.

Karen wanted some of the shine, since she had no storyline. As you saw in season 8 Karen, had very little air time; she just wanted to secure her spot for next season. I’m a leader, so she desperately wanted to take me out to gain approval from the other girls who were beefing with me and to gain more exposure for her fan base.”

There's more:

“Violence is never away to go. But you know the truth hurts and a hit dog will ALWAYS holler, so I hope the other girls put money on her books.

Violence is never the way to go. We MUST build up our sisters, and we have to encourage them to be strong, wise, and to never give up on there goals or aspirations .

This is an experience from which we all should learn.”