Political commentator Donna Brazille got a full makeover, and she looks great.

Most of us know Donna as the bland looking political commentator, who has no style and an old 1980s hairstyle. Not anymore. 

Donna underwent a FULL makeover - and she unveiled her new look on election night. And we have to admit - she looks amazing. 

Brazile, 58, has gone from old-school auntie to a glammed-up Patti LaBelle, complete with new attittude and a hefty dose of silver fox sleekness. The bob was everything.

Donna is a political strategist, campaign manager, political analyst, and author. She was the first African American woman to direct a major presidential campaign, acting as campaign manager for Al Gore in 2000.

The politico now works behind the scenes helping out the Democratic Party. She also is a popular political commentator on TV.


Here's another look at the new Donna:

According to Philly.com, you may remember that:

Two years ago, Brazile, then the interim head of the Democratic National Committee was royally busted for leaking a CNN debate question to then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. At the time, Brazile was still vice chair of the DNC. In the aftermath, Brazile was forced to sever ties with CNN. In February 2017, she exited the DNC, too. Last year, her book Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House hit the shelves, and she was criticized by Clinton staffers for not portraying the campaign accurately.

But now she's recovered from all that, she's BACK and looking incredible.