Police have released video footage of the night of Jussie Smollett's neck which shows the 'Empire' actor with the noose around his neck.

In the clip, Jussie is being questioned by the officers. One of the officers then touches the noose before another asks him if he wants to remove it from around his neck.

"Yah. I do. I just wanted y' all to see it," he responds. He also tells the officers that his attackers poured bleach on him. Smollett's face is blurred out in the footage, which was filmed at his manager, Frank Gaston's apartment.

The actor does not seem to be hysterical or even sound in shock. He sounds very calm as the officers interview him.

After the police inform Smollett that they're recording him, Smollett says, "I don't want to be filmed." The police officers oblige and shut off their bodycams.

The footage comes just days after a Cook County judge ordered a special prosecutor to re-investigate the alleged hoax. This could mean that Smollett could face charges once again and even do jail time.