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Police Start Shooting AT 12 YR OLD GIRL . . . Accidentally Struck Officer!! (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


A 12-year-old girl nearly lost her life - when a group of police officers started SHOOTING at her. The officers tried to TAKE THE CHILD'S life, after she allegedly "stole" her mother’s car and accidentally hit a deputy trying to stop her.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie tells news outlets that Sgt. Kris Cokel (the officer struck by the 12 year old) was released from a hospital after being treated for a fractured wrist and other injuries. He says the girl struck the deputy Wednesday night at a trailer park near Meridian.

The commanding officer told the media that deputies had placed spike strips in the road several times to flatten the tires as she drove in loops around the trailer park.

The sheriff says a deputy fired gunshots to try to stop the vehicle after Cokel was hit. He says the deputy wasn’t shooting at the girl, but that statement has NOT been confirmed by a forensic examiner.

The girl was taken to a juvenile facility. It was not disclosed whether she was injured in the shooting. 

Here is the video - we warn you it is VERY graphic