Police SHOOT Man At Ice Cube Concert . . . Fans Nearly RIOT . . .When Concert Is Cancelled!!

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Rapper Ice Cube was set to perform at the Del Mar Racetrack in Los Angeles yesterday, but the concert was cancelled after police shot a Latino man. According to police, the suspect was "firing a gun" in the air when they arrived. A female officer pulled her gun and shot the man multiple times.

A report from CBS News said that: 

Shortly after he was told there were no more tickets for the concert, an argument ensued and nearby deputies came to the scene. The man pulled out a silver-plated semi-automatic handgun and fired several shots into an area crowded with people, the department said. The deputies shot him.

The shooting of the man was caught on camera. In the video - you hear the police yelling "drop it" before shooting the suspect MULTIPLE times. It's not clear that the suspect was - in fact - holding a gun in the video.

Here's part ONE - where the victim is SHOT

But what happens next, is equally disturbing. As the suspect lay DYING on the side of the road, concert goers who paid for their tickets, nearly RIOTED when they learned that the police shooting would cancel the concert.

One concert goer said about he dying man, "Pull him to the side and let us get to our concert."

Here's that video:

Here's Part TWO - Concertgoers Near Riot