POLICE: Rapper FBG Duck Was Killed For Making Fun Of Dead Rival!! (Video)

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Popular Chicago rapper FBG Duck was shot and killed on Tuesday in broad daylight, and his murder was livestreamed to millions on Instagram.

Now, MTO News has learned that police believe that the rapper was killed in retalliation for a video he posted online, where he was making fun of a murdered rival.

FBG Duck, whose name is Carlton Weekly, was reportedly on social media "antagonizing" rival gang members before he was killed Tuesday afternoon, according to an officer safety alert that MTO News has received.

Hours before being murdered, police say that FBG Duck posted a video on social media which made “derogatory statements toward deceased members of the Black Disciples.” Police believe that FBG's video is the motive for his fatal shooting in the heart of the luxury shopping district on Oak Street.

And things are about to get real bad in Chicago in the coming days. The police alert warned of a “high probability of retaliatory gang violence” in Chicago's South Side because of FBG’s killing.

Here is the purported video that they say got him killed: