Police PULL GUNS On Innocent Black COLLEGE STUDENTS!! (Video)

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Two Glassboro police officers are under fire, for pulling guns on two innocent Black college students. The incident unfolded near Rowan University in New Jersey.  

Police stopped two college students in the parking lot of Mimosa Hall at Rowan University around 5 p.m. They pulled guns on them, and threatened to shoot them.

The videos start when Glassboro officers respond to the report of a robbery at a mobile phone store on October 1.

A man runs to tell the officers he saw someone point a gun at a black Dodge Charger, get in the vehicle, and take off.

"He came out of the store with a gun in his hand and walked into the car with a gun," the man tells police. "I see the guy come out of the store with a gun...it was a black gun. 1000 percent."

Police pulled over the teens, who were driving a Dodge Charger, in the parking lot of their college campus.

Hassan and Giovanna Roberson, a freshman from Cherry Hill, New Jersey, were inside the vehicle at the time. 

In the video, Hassan first steps out of the vehicle, raises his hands and walks backwards toward the police cruiser as the officers point their weapons at him. The officers then place him in handcuffs.

Hassan says, "Please just tell me what's going."

An officer responds, "You're being detained right now."

Hassan says, "Huh?"

The officer says, "You're being detained right now."

Hassan says, "For what? What happened?"

The officer says, "Stand up."

He walks Hassan backwards to the patrol car as the Rowan student continues to ask what's happening.

It turns out that both Hassan and Giovanna were both completely innocent of any crimes.

Police are currently investigating how two innocent college students could have guns pulled on them by police.

Here's video of the incident: