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50 Cent is known for putting people on blast on his Instagram, but a cop who 50 accused of domestic violence this week is reportedly planning to sue the rapper for defamation.

Fif has since deleted the post alleging that Deputy Inspector Emmanuel Gonzalez punched his wife in the face.

"He caught a DV domestic violence case he punched his wife in the face," 50 wrote in the post. "This guy was just no good," he added. Fif and this particular officer have history as the officer allegedly once told fellow cops to shoot him "on sight."

A source close to the cop says Gonzalez is not happy about the post one bit.

"This incident that 50 is claiming on Instagram is a complete fabrication," the source said per the New York Post. "There hasn't been any domestic-violence incidents with Gonzalez and his wife recently nor ever. This is a complete troll hit job from 50," the source added.