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An Arizona mom is charged with learning how to murder her 4 week old baby, by searching on Google. Chandler, AZ police released new disturbing details in the death of a 4-week-old baby. They alleged that baby Rainer's 19-year-old mother, Jenna Folwell, murdered him.

Initially Jenna called police, and told them that her baby was kidnapped.

But police searched Jenna's cell phone with a warrant, and found searches for "ways to die instantly", "missing babies cases", "how long it takes babies to drown" and "reasons parents kill their babies" in her cell phone's search history.

When confronted, police say that Jenna confessed.

According to the officers, she admitted to getting into the bathtub with Rainer and then letting go of him. She said she chose this way because she "did not want to hear her son cry."

Folwell told police Rainer was in the tub for about a minute, then she regretted her decision and got him out of the bathtub and attempted CPR. She said she then put her son in the duffel bag and drove to the park to report the kidnapping. 

Police said she also admitted to the Google searches before she brought her son in the bathtub with her.

Detective Seth Tyler said the mother was considered the only suspect in the death and was being questioned by police Wednesday afternoon.

Folwell, 19, was charged with first degree murder, according to police and is being held on $1 million bail in the Maricopa County, Arizona jail.