Police CAUGHT Planting WEED . . . In Home Of Murdered Botham Jean!!! (Details)

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Dallas police are being accused of "planting" weed inside the home of murdered accountant Botham Jean, in an attempt to get his KILLER off. Dallas police Officer Amber Guyger is charged with killing Botham.

Disgraced Officer Amber admitted to breaking into Botham's home, and shooting him down in cold blood. So far prosecutors have ONLY charged her with manslaughter.

Now Dallas police appear to be trying to ":frame" the dead man. Police executed a search warrant in Botham’s apartment - after police had been using the apartment as a crime scene for weeks. There have been more than a dozen police officers in and out of the apartment since Botham was killed.

And the residue of the officers presence was found by the warrant. The warrant found two fired cartridge casings, a black backpack with police equipment and paperwork and 10.4 grams of marijuana. The marijuana was found near the police bag - suggesting that it was PLANTED BY THE OFFICERS.

“The bottom line is this man was executed in his own home and there is no set of facts or piece of evidence that will undermine or contradict that fundamental fact,” Botham's lawyer said. “He was sitting at home, not doing anything, living his life — to expect not to survive that kind of situation is insane.” 

“The immediate presumption is that people of color are criminals,” the lawyer added. “There’s no question that when the victim is a person of color, there is an immediate dive into whether they had a criminal record or not. The presumption is that they’re guilty of something, and that is used to mitigate police shootings.”