The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood reunion took place last week, and MTO News has all the exclusive tea from the reunion.

In all - the reunion started off slow - and then ended up with FIREWORKS. The police were called, and one member of the cast was "apprehended" by the authorities.

First let's discuss K Michelle. K Michelle was TURNED UP for the whole reunion show. Some say - she looked a little TOO turned up. Some audience members claimed that K Michelle appeared to be on some type of narcotic.  

But whether k Michelle was on drugs or not - she brought the heat. She read MULTIPLE cast members for filth, and was the "star" of the reunion show.

The highlight of the evening was when Roccstar got into a fight with Akbar (Teairra's man). Roccstar was popping off at the mouth - as he usually does - but Akbar was not with the f*ckery. MTO News learned that Akbar tried to attack Rockstar on stage. 

Security members told MTO News that Akbar was "uncontrollable" with anger, and police had to be called in to restrain him. 


MTO News learned that Akbar was "apprehended" by police until he calmed down. Eventually he was let go by the officers, and allowed to return to the set.

Roccstar was shaken up by the incident, and left the reunion early. His friend A1 left with him. It was a classic punk move.


Amber Diamond and Marcus Black got into it. Amber claimed on stage that she and Marcus used to "date" at one point but things didn’t work out. Marcus denied Amber's claims. Amber then showed text messages to the audience - which proved that Marcus was lying. It was an interesting moment.

Princess and Moniece buried the hatchet, and made peace with each other.

Lyrica did not attend the reunion, she was on Skype only.

Donetella, Misster Ray, and Tiffany didn't attend the reunion.