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Police ARREST Tattoo Artist . . . Charge With MURDERING Xxxtentacion!! (Details)


The murder of rapper Xxxtentacion has been solved. Deerfield Beach police arrested a local tattoo artist named Dedrick Devonshay Williams, and charged him with FIRST DEGREE MURDER.

Dedrick worked as a tattoo artist - and went by the name Tattoman Chuckie.

According to police, Dedrick killed Xxxtentacion not because of a rivalry - since they didn't charge him with pre-meditation. Curiously, the police did not charge him with ROBBERY of Xxxtentacion either. They did not specify a MOTIVE for the murder.

Police claim they are still looking for TWO more suspects in the killing of the rapper.

In addition with charging Dedrick with murder - they charged him with a probation violation and a driving infraction. He was on probation for auto theft.