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Police Arrest Couple They Claim Was DEALING DRUGS . . . And The GIRL Got More Heart . . . Than His CRY BABY AZZ!!!


A 40-year-old man Edward W. Lawson (aka Supreme), and his 31-year-old girlfriend Sarah Gills were each charged with multiple drug offenses on Thursday.

New Jersey police claim that they found a large supply of crack and heroin in their motel room on Thursday afternoon.

Police were conducting a DRUG INVESTIGATION locally, and executed a search warrant on their room after suspecting that the couple was dealing drugs there.

Police found 52 bags of crack cocaine, 37 bags of heroin, digital scales and drug packaging materials. They also seized $795 in cash.

The couple were each charged with distribution of a controlled dangerous substance (two counts), possession of CDS (two counts) and possession of drug paraphernalia (one count).