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POISONED!! Police Officer Is HOSPITALIZED . . . After Someone . . . Put SHARDS OF GLASS IN HIS SANDWICH!!


The relationship between police and the minority communities has NEVER BEEN WORSE, especially in Ohio where officers were not charged after MURDERING a young boy, Tamir Rice. And now it appears that someone is attacking police in a different way - by POISONING THEIR FOOD.

According to police, an Ohio police officer was hospitalized Monday after eating a sandwich that contained shards of glass at a Columbus restaurant.

The officer has not been identified. But the Columbus Police department said in a a statement that the officer bit into the sandwich and heard a crunching sound. The statement continued, “The officer stopped eating and noticed his mouth was bleeding, he then noticed glass in his sandwich.”

Police did not identify the restaurant where the officer bought the sandwich, but the establishment has been temporarily closed while police conduct a full health and criminal investigation.