PNB Rock: Rod Wave Is My F*cking Son!!

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The beef between PnB Rock and Rod Wave continues as PnB recently called the XXL Freshman his "son."

 "I ain't say nothing about the n*gga that's making music for the trenches. The n*gga that's for the hood. N*gga, I do that, dickhead," PnB ranted. "Rod Wave is my f*ckin' son. He makin' the same music as me. Singing, trappin', rappin' -- I did that. I'm the one who started it."

He continued, "I did that. Put that sh*t in your f*ckin' brain and slap it in your f*ckin' mind, p*ssy, 'cause you f*ckin' my son."

His comments came after Rod warned him against visiting Florida.

"I know you rap n*ggas love to come to Florida, n*gga. From Pensacola to Miami, n*gga, a n*gga gon' make it rough for you," he said in the clip.

"Y'all niggas ain't connected to reality no more," Wave also remarked. "That's why they can't make reality music. That why they be making all that dancing, gay ass hop around pop booty-shaking music. Keep me out that sh*t, man."