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Plies Blasts Fans Over Covid & HIV Comparisons

Plies is calling out fans who are asking why Magic Johnson was allowed to play basketball while having HIV but why NBA players are not allowed to play if they haven't been vaccinated for Covid-19.

"People Say The NBA Let Magic Play With HIV. U Can't Contract HIV From Shaking Hands, Hugging, Coughing, & Running Up & Down The Court. COVID U CAN. HIV Is Transmitted Thru Drop of blood(SyringeOr Unscreened), Birth & Unprotected Sex. If Players Were Havin Babies, Sex Or Sharing Syringe U Had A Point!" he wrote.

A follower then tweeted that they'd be more scared of Magic's HIV. He then replied:

"I'd be more scared of Magic Johnson & his HIV then covid itself. "I'm Quite Sure Magic Is More Scared Of U Sweetheart Then U Are Of Him!!!!!"

Kyrie Irving is not allowed to join his team until he is vaccinated against the virus. Kyrie says he won't get the vaccine and he will not be retiring. Period.