According to several reports, rap couple Playboi Carti and her boyfriend, Iggy Azalea's rental home was burglarized to the tune of $336k in jewelry.

The incident took place almost ten days ago, but the stars did not call it in until a few days later on Nov. 17. The thief reportedly broke into the couple's Buckhead mansion before making off with the jewels.

Among the items missing were custom rings, chains, bracelets, pendants, watches, earrings, and a diamond engagement ring, which were a mix of gold, diamonds, silver, platinum, pink sapphire, and rose gold.

Iggy told the cops that she had unlocked the back door for Carti, and later heard footsteps in her home, thinking it was him. Footage of the perp shows a man with a gun wearing gloves and a dark mask entering the house via the unlocked door. They are then seen leaving the premises about 10 minutes later.