SHOCK VIDEO!!! Man Posts HATE VIDEOS About Black Women ONLINE . . . Then Allegedly MURDERS Black Girl . . . And Two BLACK WOMEN!! (They're Calling Him . . . A 'Black Male TERRORIST')


Three Black females - 4-year-old Chy’enne Manning, her mother, Shamira Staten, 21, and Sandra Carter Douglas, 58 - were all murdered in what police say is a an arson fire.

Police say that the suspect in a fatal house fire that killed two women and a 4-year-old girl in Homewood early Wednesday was seeking retaliation for a fist-fight outside a Penn Hills nightclube.

“Yep, yep, I did it. They shouldn’t [mess] with me,” 41-year-old Martell Smith of the North Side uttered repeatedly as he watched firefighters battle the blaze at 7634 Bennett St., a witness told police. The fire had started shortly after 2 a.m.

Martell Smith was charged Thursday morning with multiple counts of homicide, arson, and endangerment. He is being held in the Allegheny County Jail.

Apparently, Martell Smith got into a fight that night with another man, Sandra Carter Douglas’ son, who also lived at the house but who wasn’t even there when, according to authorities, Smith doused the house with gasoline and set it on fire.

But there may be an alternate reason. Martell was a BLACK WOMAN HATER. Look:

What I did find on Smith’s page, however, were several videos filled with bizarre rants about black women.

Like this one, for instance, from Nov. 13, where he claims (at the 4:45 mark) that “Black women’s mouth is probably the No. 1 cause of mental abuse in the world ... on the planet.”

Later, at the 6:00 mark, he says (paraphrasing) that “None of y’all want to talk about the things you do that literally breaks down your children, breaks down your family, breaks down your community, and breaks down your race.”

Listen to this mess: