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Tyra Banks is trending on social media this morning, but not in a good way. Last night, Tyra took to the red carpet for the premiere of her new movie Life Size 2.

She looked great . . . except for her wig. And that's why she's trending.

Folks on social media are blasting Tyra's choice of wig. 

According to commentators, Tyra is rich, and has access to the best stylists in the world - so she has no excuse for putting that BRILLO PAD on her head.

Life-Size, which premiered 18 years ago, stars Tyra and Lindsay Lohan and revolves around Lohan accidentally bringing a doll (Tyra) to life. In Life-Size 2, Tyra teased, the film picks up where they left off, but 18 years later.

“This is definitely the next one. It is a sequel, but there are some surprises,” Tyra dished to Ryan on-air. “For one, the first Life-Size was for little kids … [this is] 18 years later and now it’s more adult, so Eve is experiencing more adult things like love and the person she comes alive for is Francia Raisa and she plays a 25-year-old girl so you can imagine it’s more adult themes.”

The sequel to the 2000 movie Life-Size — featuring Banks as a Barbie-like doll named Eve, who comes to life to help a young girl (Lindsay Lohan) cope with the death of her mother — will premiere Dec. 2 on Freeform.