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Meet The TORONTO BEAUTY . . . Who Got Drunk . . . And Was FREAK DANCING With That GROUP OF MEN AT CARIBANA!!!

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Yesterday there was a video circulating online from the event that took place last weekend at Toronto's Caribana Festival. The video showed a lovely young Toronto woman - who was drunk - getting FREAKY with a group of about 10 men.

Well she's now saying that the video wasn't what she's about. Here's what she told fans on social media:

Since this video went viral I have been living in karma's finest establishment, but my lease is almost up!

Ignorance is what has pushed this whole thing as far as it has gone and that is alright. But the thing is I'm fine and I'm going to stay fine, because if I let you win and let you define me this means I am no different then you all; I would never take advantage of someone or share their misery for a view.

My values aren't the same as many of yours.. and I will not let a bunch of hypocrite social conformists dictate my worth or my life who you seen in the video isn't the best version of me and it is not all of me but I have nothing to prove to anyone any longer I know who I am.

My bounce back Is coming