Fox Sports 1's most outspoken sports commentator Skip Bayless is trending online today - well actually his wife is.

Skip frequently talks on air about his wife Ernestine and someone finally located a pic of Skip's wife, and the image quickly went viral.

Here's a pic of Ernestine:

And Skip's fans and detractors have a lot to say about the talk show host's wife - and most of it is not good.

Here is a sample of the things they're saying about her online:

They say when you're with someone long enough you start to look alike but this is a little too uncanny.

This nikka married to bill nye the science guy

Ernestine has a career of her own, as a writer. Her new book is called “Balls: How to Keep Your Relationship Alive When You Live with a Sports-Obsessed Guy.” In the book, Ernestine calls sports “the other woman” in her marriage to Skip.

Ernestine - who is smart and witty - explained what it's like to be married to Skip. 

“We don’t have a moderator who lives in the house,” Ernestine said.