Pics Of SINGER Jhene Aiko . . .Before Her NOSE JOB . . . And Eye Opening Surgery!!!

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Pop singer Jhene Aiko is no stranger to plastic surgery - shes admitted to getting breast implants.

But she's been quiet on her other surgeries. MTO News obtained a pic of Jhene from her teen years - and she looked a lot different. You see it was BEFORE Jhene got her nose job, and before she got a surgery to "open" her Asian eyes.

Here's what Jhene's nose looks like now:

And look at her eyes:

Compare her look now - with the way she looked BEFORE her surgeries. She was always cute, but she had more "Asian" features and less "European" ones.


In other Jhene news, TMZ is reporting that the singer is being sued by a Colorado woman who says Jhene stole her artwork and slapped it on a t-shirt for her clothing line.

A woman by the name of Elisa Rose Mountain says she owns the trademark for Hamsa Mandala -- her take on the centuries-old Hamsa Hand sign which is also known as the Hand of Fatima.

Elisa says a symbol almost identical to the one she copyrighted and sold for $25 a print appeared on a tee for Aiko's clothing collaboration in 2015 with PacSun and Neff Headwear, who are also defendants.

Elisa says the Aiko tees were sold in stores, catalogs and online without her approval and is suing Aiko, PacSun and Neff Headwear for profits. Not so namaste.

A source close to Jhene tells us the singer has no legal liability in this case. We're told she was simply brought on to collaborate and help choose a design.