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Pics Of Nick Cannon's HAIR . . . UNDERNEATH The Turban!! (Yikes)


Nick Cannon has been keeping his head covered now, for the better part of the last two years. The Wild N Out star has been allegedly battling lupus disease.

Well he finally showed folks what he has going on underneath the turban. And it was - different. Nick took off his head scarf for a recent interview with the UKs BBC service. In the interview it's not clear that Nick combed or styled his hair.

And as you can imagine, the folks online have a lot to say about Nicki's new hair "style." Most of the comments are NOT positive. One person called his "Sideshow bob's cousin 'Negro Bob.'" And another said that Nick appears to have aged quite a bit, she said, "First it looked as if he would never age, then boom..he's suddenly Deacon status."

Here is the pic that has people talking:


The America's Got Talent host said he's been studying turbans 'for quite some time' and wears them to encourage others to 'embrace differences'. 

Nick has been the butt of many jokes regarding his decision to wear a turban, but have you ever wondered why the Wild N’ Out host covers his natural scarf? Cannon revealed it was a personal decision to wear a turban, but noted he takes it off during sex.

As you know, Nick was hospitalized during Christmas 2016 after being diagnosed in 2012 with lupus.

Nick said he had 'medication issues' that were 'life threatening' as 70 percent of his blood 'went to one of my arms'.

'This arm was like Popeye,' Nick said before doctors got his levels back to normal