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Pics Of Apple Watts From Love & Hip Hop's BOYFRIEND . . . And He Looks  . . . YOU'LL SEE!!!


Apple Watts is one of the newest members on the new season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. Apple is known as a top Los Angeles dancer - who is transitioning into becoming a female rapper.

As Apple explained in her official Love & Hip Hop intro video, her tenure as one of Los Angeles’ best-known strippers was a double-edged sword. She came in contact with plenty of famous faces in the music business: since she began stripping at around the age of 21, Apple appeared in music videos for Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, YG, and Frank Ocean, among many others. “I did a lot of videos,” Apple said, “and I was just shaking my booty. Because booty is important.”

And Apple has a new man in her life too. His name is Maurice and he's cute. But we're just A LITTLE SUSPICIOUS about him. He looks like he could be her makeup artist.


Apple recently posted the following Instagram...

The caption of the photo she added, "Some of these men are not future material they just something to occupy your time when you lonely 🍎🍎 great words from apple watts."

Perhaps this is someone new she plans on building a future with...