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PICS: NYC STRIP CLUB . . . Will Be Using 'ROBOT DANCERS' . . . Instead Of Flesh-And-Blood SKRIPPERS!! (Fellas - Would You Pay For THIS???)


An NYC gentlemen’s club is bringing robotic pole dancers to its Manhattan venue for the first time this week.

On Friday, January 26, and Saturday, January 27, the Sapphire 39 jiggle joint is debuting “the world’s first robotic exotic dancers” for a limited time. Sapphire will also be taking them to their other club, located on the Upper East Side on Sunday for its regular “Sunday Sins” party.

The “fully animated electronic babes” were created by London-based sculptor Giles Walker. They are named #R2DoubleD and #TripleCPU and have been dubbed the “Robo Twins.” They each have CCTV cameras for heads... sexy or nah?

While lifelike sex dolls are currently all the rage and steadily becoming social media stars in their own right, robotic strippers seem like a natural progression in the sex-technology world.

The high-tech erotic dancers have CCTV cameras for heads “inspired by the rise of surveillance cameras being used for safety purposes.” A $30 USD cover charge will ensure partygoers a front row seat to the action.

According to TimeOut:

"They were originally designed as a commentary on the surveillance state but have since been co-opted as a gentlemen’s club attraction. The whole experience looks like a two-bit version of Westworld."

The New York dates are currently the only U.S. dates available for the foreseeable future, as Giles and his robot strippers will be returning to London after the event.

Would you be willing to pay $30 to see these robot strippers gyrate their metallic hips? Let us know!