BREAKING NEWS: Kenya Moore Will Be LEAVING The Real Housewives . . . It's A REAL MESS This Season . . . And Kenya's LAWYERED UP!!!


Word on the curb is that Kenya Moore is essentially DONE with The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. She's been fighting with other castmembers about her new marriage. It seems like her co-stars keep calling Kenya's marriage "fake." And Kenya has decided to threaten to SUE folks.

Here's what the website Tamara Tattles is reporting:

Bravo is seemingly done with Kenya. She too an IG taken down recently where she threatened to sue someone. I thought it was Kim but it was actually Marlo over things said at her tea party you will see on season ten.

Kenya is lawyered up. And this is why I am saying that it is her last season. She will be taking the Adrienne Maloof exit. It’s a contract violation to threaten to sue another cast member and to come after the Bravo execs. It’s a contract violation to refuse to film with certain people. It’s a contract violation to refuse to go on a cast trip. I realize that others have done all of those things before and stayed. But she has ROYALLY pissed of the top level folks at Bravo. Andy has never liked her so he for sure will not have her back.

I don’t think she wants to come back at this point, but even if she did, the legal threats she has made have probably sealed her fate. She knows it.

But truly her only options were to lay down and die (which would never happen) or appear a bit unhinged going after these bitches because she already knows she is getting the shitty edit, quit the show at once, or go out guns blazing. She has chosen the fourth option. Because, that’s our Kenya.