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PICS: Jay Z Appears To Be GROWING DREADS . . . His Hair Is Starting . . . To LOC UP!!


Jay Z, 48 years old, has been growing his hair out for almost a year - it now appears that Bey's husband may be trying to grow his hair into LOCS. MTO News obtained some up close images of Jigga out in New York City yesterday.

Jay was out solo - since Beyonce is in Europe practicing for their world tour. And Jay was looking relaxed, in a designer sweatsuit. Jay and Bey's  "On The Run II" tour is set to begin in Europe in Cardiff, Wales on June 6; the American leg kicks off on June 25 in Cleveland. 

But check out his hair. Clearly he's got something going on there.


In other news, last week Jay Z was ordered to testify in a New York City court. According to the New York Times:

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered the rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z to testify as part of a securities investigation into a company that paid him more than $200 million in 2007 for assets including some related to the Rocawear brand.

During months of back and forth in response to subpoenas, lawyers for Jay-Z sought to limit his testimony in the case. They said that he had been on tour when his testimony was first requested and that he was now preparing for another.

Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed court papers asking that a judge order Jay-Z, whose actual name is Shawn Carter, to comply with a subpoena to testify. In their most recent response, the lawyers sought to limit any testimony to a single day. But the S.E.C. resisted limits, and the judge sided with its lawyers.