Pics From Atlanta Housewife Eva's Wedding - Including Marlo's DATE!!!

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Last weekend Eva Marcelle and her boyfriend, Michael Sterling got married - and now images from the event were just released. 

And the wedding looks even more spectacular in the pictures, than most imagined. 

According to reports, the wedding cost more than $200,000. Eva had 12,000 white roses - at the cost of $20,000. She also decorated the hall with white orchids and white hydrangea blooms.

And each of her dresses, was more spectacular than the next. Eva changed 3 times. But he dress that she wore as she walked down the aisle - was the showstopper.

Here's how the dress is being described online:.

The haute couture mass of sparkling skirt and train came from Daughters of Nonyelum, International Haute Couture and Hollywood Royal Showroom. The bride paired it with a glittering tiara but no veil.

One thing to note is that Marlo brought a date to the wedding - a man. The pic of the two of them is below.

Here are the pics from the event. The images appear on the Daily Mail website.

Here's Photo #1 - Eva Dress

Here's Photo #2 - Eva and Husband

Here's Photo #3 - Eva Crying During Ceremony

Here's Photo #4 - Eva & Husband Wedding Party

Here's Photo #5 - Eva's Dad Giving Her Away

Here's Photo #6 - Eva Gorgeous

Here's Photo #7 - Cynthia & Wedding Date

Here's Photo #8 - Marlo With Her Wedding Dress

Here's Photo #9 - Kandi With The New Housewives

Here's Photo #10 - Nene Looking GREAT