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PICS: Four Foot Tall INSTAGRAM MODEL Claims She's NOT A DWARF . . . She's Just A THICK SHORT CHICK!! (Do You AGREE???)


Instagram model Anna Apples has THOUSANDS of followers and fans - and she's on 4’7” tall. You can call her beautiful, and short . . . but don't EVER call her a Little Person.

Anna vehemently denies being a little person. You see, Anna claims that she’s looked up dwarfism for herself and came to the conclusion that she does not have one of the more than 200 types of dwarfism because her “body is proportionate.”

Anna has never gone to a doctor to be medically diagnosed. Her shortness is not dwarfism, she's just small because her mother is 5’3 and her dad is 5’2.

A common misconception people have about her is that she’s an airhead because she’s pretty with a nice body.

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