PICS: Extremely HEAVY Weave . . . DESTROYING . . . Malia Obama's HAIRLINE!!

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Malia Obama is having dome hair issues - and it's because she keeps wearing EXTREMELY HEAVY weaves. The result - is that her hairline is getting pushed back unnaturally far.

New pics taken this weekend, show Malia Obama walking through the streets of NYC - and her hairline is looking OFF.

As the above picture shows, Malia always had a healthy hairline. She had strong edges, and her hair for the most part looked VERY healthy. That's before Malia started wearing EXTREMELY heavy weaves. Now her hairline is back, her edges are chewed, and the result is that her forehead looks a lot larger than it used to.

Here is the first pic

Here is the second pic

The 19-year-old is on summer break from Harvard and seems to be using the time to visit her old stomping ground in Manhattan, where she held an internship with the Weinstein Company last summer.

She is expected to be returning to Harvard the ivy-league school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this fall as a sophomore.