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PICS: Actress PAULA PATTON Has Fallen Off Badly . . . She Got A Bad Case . . . Of What We Call . . . 'LINEBACKER NECK'!!

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Paula Patton debuts her new hairdo ahead of her son's basketball game in Los Angeles.
The ‘Traffik’ actress looks happy as can be with her new haircut, as she loads her car with friends headed to her son's basketball game in LA.

She's had a rough few years after splitting with her ex-husband, R&B singer Robin Thicke. The couple had been married for 9 years, but together for over two decades before Patton filed for divorce in 2014, citing "irreconcilable differences." They then got caught up in a bitter custody battle before ending it last summer, agreeing to joint custody of their son.

Speaking to Essence about single life, Patton really didn't appear to be missing Thicke much.

"It's really nice, honestly, getting used to being alone.. It's freeing. It's scary at the beginning. It's really scary. But it's something I'm coming to embrace, knowing that that's really what it is now—learning to love yourself, enjoying your time with your friends and family, and then it will sort itself out. But I gotta figure all that out I think first. I have to learn that."

The actress has been somewhat out of the limelight, but that could soon be turning around as her new movie will be released this April. Her weight gain (and huge neck) just be her enjoying some downtime of being a regular mom and enjoying a lil' too much friend chicken until it's time to slim down and promote her new flick!

Take a look at the new Paula... You like?