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Rihanna's hairline was trending on social media yesterday, after a pic of her with tragic edges leaked online.

The pop superstar was spotted walking through the airport in Los Angeles, and a man decided to snap a pic. Rihanna allowed the man to take the pic - but she had no idea that it would go viral.

Here is the image:

Rihanna has been having hair issues, especially around her edges for years. When she first became a pop star, her record label forced her to wear long heavy weaves.

The heavy weaves pushed Rihanna's hairline back and made her forehead appear larger than usual.

And now that Rihanna's entered her 30s, her hair issues appear to have gotten even worse.

Rihanna, Kate Hudson and Hailee Steinfeld and a host of stars sported the top knot look at the 2017 Met Gala in New York.

But The Daily Mail warns that copying this red carpet favorite could lead to permanent hair loss, a leading UK hair transplant surgeon has warned.

Wearing hair in tight ponytails, pigtails, or braids over time can cause trauma and damage to the area where the hairline meets the forehead, says Dr Edward Ball.

The pulling force can cause a form of gradual hair loss called traction alopecia.