Florida Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum was found drunk inside a Miami hotel room, with a nude gay man, and crystal meth.

Andrew has denied these reports, but now MTO News has seen some receipts - and they look damning for the former political star.


Today the Central Florida Post leaked what appears to be a photo of Andrew Gillum, inebriated and naked on the floor of a room at the Hotel Mondrian in Miami, Florida..

The initial story was reported by conservative columnist Candace Owens, who shared a police report detailing police responded to a hotel room on March 13th.

Inside the room was Andrew and an openly gay man. Police claim that they found crystal meth in the room, and believed that Andrew's male companion may have overdosed on meth - a popular gay party drug.

Gillum responded to the reports, claiming that he drank “too much”.

Gillum was leading a powerful political committee in Florida, serving as a lead contributor to CNN, and was being considered as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential pick for the Democrats.

Here is the photo again