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PIC: 17 Year Old Rapper NBA YOUNGBOY . . . And His 17 Year Old GIRLFRIEND . . . Get FACE TATTOOS Of Each Other's NAMES!! (DUMMY)

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Rapper NBA Youngboy and his girlfriend are YOUNG AND DUMB.
The 17-year-olds decided to get matching FACE TATTOOS with each other's names on them.

We don't understand the face tattoo phenomenon. Why not place the tattoos somewhere more discreet?

When you're young and in love, it may feel as though you're NEVER going to break up - but how many of us have been there? And how many of our teenage romances have stood the test of time?

And it's not like he's Prince Charming either.

Just last month, news hit the blogs that he allegedly forced his girlfriend to sleep on hotel lobby couch so that he could sleep with other women in his hotel room.

A hotel worker took a picture on her phone of his girlfriend asleep on the couch. Both he and his girlfriend flatly deny the rumors - the hotel worker did get the evidence. NBA Youngboy then took her shopping the next day to fix things, as he was receiving quite a lot of flack online, and rightfully so.

Rapper Offet was recently snapped with a tattoo of Cardi B on his neck. He made the bold move after he was caught cheating and swiftly forgiven.

Perhaps Youngboy's matching tattoo was to make up for the rumored hotel incident?

We just hope it lasts We hear that tattoo removals are not only expensive but extremely painful!

Check out the video below of the new tats. Do they look good or should the Louisiana rapper have saved his coins?